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Equity Lab is Helping Schools and Families to Navigate the COVID-19 Crisis

The world came to a virtual stop with COVID-19. Every sector of our society has been impacted and education in particular has struggled to navigate the murkiness of what the future will bring. Rather than hope for a return to normalcy, Equity Lab believes that COVID-19 is a powerful opportunity to rethink learning for students. Learning is usually divorced from the real questions and concerns that communities face daily. COVID-19 is demanding that we pay attention.
The current response is to amp up the resources for remote learning but this does not address the underlying problem of relevancy. Students and families are facing a deadly crisis-- especially in communities of color. We cannot simply recycle curricula and make this the focus of online learning. Remote learning needs to help students and families to wrestle with the questions and concerns that they face daily during the COVID-19 crisis.
We are in the process of developing and piloting a COVID-19 curriculum that will begin with a small group of educators, students, and families in June. The goal is to expand the piloting of this curriculum by September. We will keep you posted of developments and opportunities.
Equity Lab would like to express our deepest wishes for your health and well-being.