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Change Strategy

There is extensive research about what creates the "tipping point" for real and sustained change in any school or organization. We use the following research-based change strategy to implement our learning model:
Phase 1: Small Pilot (3 to 4 months). This is a small pilot phase where we work with a small group of educators, families, and students to implement a particular aspect of our education model. We would refine the desired change based upon this small pilot phase.
Phase 2: Expanded Pilot (8 to 12 months). Identify possible way to expand the pilot beyond the original group. As we implemented a desired change on a small scale, we would use a continuous improvement process and collect data about what is working and what needs improvements and/or adjustments.
Phase 3: Small Scaling (8 to 12 months). Identify opportunities to scale Equity Lab Community Learning model on a larger level. Scaling would focus upon four dimensions: (1) Depth- a deep understanding of the desired change; (2) Spread- a change is extending beyond a few classrooms or programs; (3) Shift- the change moves from being an external to an internal priority; and (4) Sustainability- the change is supported through changes in the system (policies, human capital, budget).
Phase 4: Expanded Pilot and Scaling (ongoing). Reiterate phases 1-3. These phases will reiterate from year to year in order to refine the desired change and expand scaling.
*Remote Services. Please note that given the new situation that is COVID-19, we can conduct this change strategy remotely.